Monday, December 8, 2014

Hi, In this post I will Explain you how to share a windows directory over SMB (Server Message Block). I'm user Windows 2008 Server, and this steps can be followed in any windows server machine. Later in this post I will explain you how to connect to these shares from Linux. So lets get started.

How to Create a SMB share in Windows

First lets create a new directory, in my case I will be creating it in the Desktop, I will name it smbsharedirectory as shown below

Now Go windows windows menu and search for a program called "Share and Storage Management"(This is only available in server versions of windows). Now open the Program.

Now go to Actions and select "Provision Share.." as Shown below

Now select the directory you created as the share directory click on next.

Now select the following options, as shown in the below image.

As shown below select "SMB" as the share protocol.

Now you will be prompted with the following page. just click next.

Now provide the necessary permissions to the Shared directory. I have given all permissions to all the users.

If you need to configure DFS you can use the following window, in my case I will just skip this and click on next.

Now you can review your settings and click on Create

Voila!! Now its done. Now close the window.

Now go to the main program and click on Share tab, the directory you just created will be shown as a shred directory.

How easy was that, next I will explain you how to access this shared directory from ubuntu. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04

How to Access SMB shares from Ubuntu

First open any directory on your computer and navigate to the left hand side colum "Places" and Double Cick on "Connect to Server" option

Now add the server details, in my case "smb://" Now click on Connect. When you click connect a screen will prompt to enter the User Name and password. Enter correct credentials.

Now you will be connected to the SMB shared folder, Now you can create modify any content in this directory.

So this wraps up this Post, feel free to direct any queries you have.

Thanks for reading!!

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